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The Furlough

So it’s been a month since I last posted and so much has gone down in the last 30 days it’s astonishing. But this is a blog not a memoir so -as always- I’ll try to keep it short and sweet….

Ciao WDCW!

My last post was right around the time I ended my planning internship at WDCW. It was 3.5 months of constant pitches and new and exciting work. Somehow I always end up at places where I get thrown right in. 

But I shouldn’t say “somehow” because that is what I look for in every opportunity. A chance to get my hands dirty and learn immensely along the way. 

I met some amazing people and had some great growth opportunities while I was there and I am better for it which is what you would want to say about any period in your life so no complaints here!

Hellooooo NY!

After that it was two weeks of prep for my trip to NY. So phone calls, e-mails, and more e-mails trying to pin down a crash spot and info interviews during my week long stay in NY.

In seven days I increased my network by about 30 people, learned the NY transit system (which is not hard at all but initially overwhelming), got to see three VERY different parts of NY, and learned the importance of connecting with anyone and everyone even if you don’t see yourself working at that particular company.

Increasing my network:

The ad biz is small…really small…painfully small so it’s best to be at least polite but deinitely impressive when you meet new people in the ad biz. And by impressive I don’t mean laundry listing everything you’ve ever done or acting like you’re the hottest thing to hit advertising since the original VW Beatle. I mean, having a position that you can defend about how you approach advertising, what you’re passionate about, and how that makes you a unique candidate. If you can steer an interview/informational interview to be more like a conversation and less like a interview, I have learned it is always to your benefit. 

So how much of a network increase? Well I knew all of say four people in NY based advertising before setting foot in NY. One of them I didn’t e-mail, two didn’t respond, and one did. 33% success rate? NOT BAD! Of course there were countless others who connected me to someone who connected me to many someones and so on but it turns out that one person connected me with more people than anyone else I spoke to/conectred with in regards to landing an ad gig in NY. 

Amazing isn’t it? 

My NY ad network went from eseentially 3 to 30 in a matter of two weeks. 

What was surprising in all of this is that I received help from a lot of people I didn’y expect to get help from and the people I thought were excited to help me never even responded. 

So cast your net and cast it wide…REALLY wide because you never can tell what/who will catch.

Headed to Africa

In the midst of killing my feet and calfs in NY, I was also fundraising for my medical mission trip to Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR). Through my CrowdRise page I have been able to fundraise over half of the $3000 cost for me to go. All donations from friends, family friends, and complete strangers. 

Not really sure how my connection will be in CAR but I will try to post while there. 

I’ll post more about my trip to CAR and NY this week. 

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