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A Whole Lotta Planners

Planners, strategic thinkers, and a sprinkling of creatives made for a pretty awesome two-day mind-stretch fest with Santa Monica beach as our gorgeous backdrop.

All in all Planning-ness was amazing. My favorite sessions were both on the first day: Sharon Lee on understanding and analyzing cultural trends and Rob Perkins on how to scratch an itch. 

I love when speakers come with tangible goodies and not lofty ideas that sound/look good in powerpoint. 

Sharon Lee brought the goodies and a whole lot more as the opening number to my Planning-ness experience. Two treats in particular stand out:

  1. Her trend Analysis “How To” list 
  2. Her chart explaining how Millennials approach life and work and why companies looking to hire younger people need to be at the forefront of the current life culture shift.

Hopefully her deck will be up on the Planningness site soon so you can check out her Trend Analysis how-to but I’d like to highlight the Millennial work/life chart because I feel it’s so indicative of my life right now (see photo above this post).

Rob Perkins came with poignant insight having been a planner and a creative. I think the biggest thing I took from his session was how decks die but storytelling through images and sound has so much more stickiness. The concept of “telling your idea to a stranger” -or your computer in this case- transcribing your words; matching it with images; and then making a V.O video sounds like more work but if you think about it, it’s really just about the same as putting together a deck. Of course putting this concept into practice depends on the type of agency you’re at and the openness of the client. 

Oh…crap. Can’t forget Bud Caddell.

This guy made us play the game Go at like 8 or 9am…I don’t know what time it was all I know is that the coffee I was drinking wasn’t cutting it. But, I really want to get the game even though I sucked at it and the planner I was playing with mercilessly killed off most of my pieces. 

  1. I think the game is a great way to get your brain working and getting your brain to recognize patterns and connections where you might not initially have.
  2. It was a great opening activity to introduce us to the idea of complexity and how it’s not about running away or simplifying complexities but embracing complexities but embracing it and even going at it head-on through collaboration.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quote’s from Planning-ness and a great article to go with it…

Governments [brands, companies] should not be afraid of informed individuals [but of] synchronized groups - Clay Shirkey, SXSW 2011

This #Riot article from the December 2011 issue of Wired Magazine not only dissects the synchronized nature of riots and protests but applies that same synched philosophy to music trends. 

For a quick round-up of this year’s Planning-ness check out Thas Naseemuddeen’s post. (I thought I had a one-up in the “cool name” dept but she has me beat).

Inspiration Station

Apparently it’s not at my screen…

I’m working on this application for a planning department at a ridiculously amazing creative advertising agency. I’ve been crazy busy running a non-profit project (which I’ll update you all on this week) and sneaking in time here and there to work on the application.

So just now I’m at my computer; convinced if I sit here long enough the answer will come to me. It wasn’t so I looked up some google images…yeaaah, not working either. Hmmm.

Maybe I can get inspired from some other amazing planners?

I happen to have this deck by Heidi Hackemer (planner/creative thinker extraordinaire) about the creative process for planners so I pull it up and skim through it since I’ve read through it before. I see wolfs…maaybe…nope. Next slide. Next slide…next slide…

feeds, back rooms and Mintel reports had become 90% of my cultural understanding

A couple of slides later

I have been living the linear, advertising life and was anxious because I wasn’t still on it but reading about dots made me question the linear

A dot life is different. It’s varied. It’s defined by the individual, not the institution. The life and mind seem to meander more, have more space.

Creativity values space, exploration.

So even though I’m still not any closer to completing the question for the application I’m working on, I was inspired to step away from my screen and work on something else; have some conversations with friends, pick the brain of my ridiculously intelligent little brother…

and see where it takes me. 

Check out Heidi’s deck for yourself.

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