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Planning-ness 2012

Planning-ness…this week…SO EXCITED!

I agonized over which sessions I wanted to go because every time slot has two amazingg sessions and speakers competiting against each other…grrr. Clearly a well put together line-up. 

But then I realized I should just pick because I can’t be in two places at once and I would learn something new either way. I’ve never been to anything like Planning-ness that puts innovative and creative thinkers and doers in one place and asks them to “get excited and make things.” 

Of course I’ll bringing along my Moleskine but Planning-ness (so I’ve heard) isn’t the kind of conference wheere you sit in a large conference hall and take endless notes and go about your way…it’s all about the interactive learning expeirnece which is the way I learn best so I’m all for it.

I definitely dropped a pretty penny for the tickets (especially for an unemployed 20-something) but I’ll be reporting back to you all if it was worth the 2.5 Benji’s but I feeling it will be.

If you’re also coming to Planning-ness leave a comment or find me on twitter!

Here are the sessions I chose:


Sharon Ann Lee: How to understand and analyze cultural trends

Rob Perkins: How to scratch an itch

Craig LaRosa: How to design a service

Daniel Berkal: How to be a social butterfly


Bud Cadell: How to Play Go … And Navigate Real World Complexity

Andreas Weigend: How to leverage social dat

Fran Hazeldine/ Pelle Sjoenell: How to navigate the creative / planner relationship

Brad Haugen: How to create celebrityrad Haugen: How to create celebrity

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