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What a hot new target market, Gillette

Facial Hair Trio

If you don’t know much about me because you may have never actually met me yet so graciously decided to follow my tumblr and read my musings (thank ya kindly)…

you should know this:





Looooooooove it! 

But I should clarify. When I say facial hair I don’t mean…

Now I usually don’t use my blog to dictate my preferences in men which is why that is not the point of this post.

The point?

Gillette is launching a new shaving device, keenly targeted to the 40% of men who style their facial hair. Men who “want to create a look on their face as an expression of their identity.”

Now, as a budding planner I could dissect this new product and talk about fashion trends and general cultural trends that lead men to take special care with their facial hair and muse on whether that 40% are men who also take special care into the clothes/brands they wear, and so on.

But i’ll be honest, I’m more interested in the leading gents they chose for their new campaign. To bring their stylish facial wear to life they chose Gael Garcia Bernal (yum x1000), Andre 3000 (always one for an eclectic and fresh sense of style), and Adrian Brody (who I usually don’t care for but surprisingly looks quite dashing with long dark hair and an expertly trimmed mustache and goatee). 

Yeah, that really wasn’t about advertising…

I tried. 

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