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Just Want to Do Some Good

I haven’t really updated this blog with the several different projects I am currently working on.

My bad.

My life is currently moving at the speed of light and I’m just trying to keep up. 

Right now I’m working on a summer project to feed up to 1000/1200 kids 18 and under every day. 

Now that I have actually typed up the words and read them back to myself it seems a little crazy…like a huge undertaking.

But all that notwithstanding I have put together a staff of cooks and volunteer, comprised mostly of family members and a couple of friends. 

But here’s where stuff gets absolutely ridiculously crazily stupid…

I am struggling to find a site where to feed hungry kids…FOR FREE. 

No not the nasty school lunches LAUSD forced me to endure but freshly prepped and cooked hot dinners that I myself will cook AND eat: and you all know how I’m obsessed with good food.

So I need YOUR help. Yes. YOU. My occassional blog reader…

This free progam, subsidized by the state, ends when kids go back to school. So, as you can imagine, the clock is ticking. 

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Calling every Boys & Girls Club, LA City Park, YMCA, and Salvation Army that we could feasibly transport ourselves to to set up and feed kids. 

Here’s what I need YOU to do:

Maybe you live by a community recreation center, YMCA, church (basically any building/center that is readily open to the community) that has a crap ton of kids swarming in and out of the place this summer. We’re looking to serve them in the following areas: West LA, Mid-City, Downtown, Boyle Heights, East LA, Compton, Lynwood, Gardena, North Torrance, El Segundo

Go in (or call), ask to speak to the Director or Opererations/Programming and talk to him about my program. That’s it. Sew the seed. 

Need more info? No problem.

Got questions? Well I’ve got answers. 

Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll provide you with an info sheet, a sample menu, and throw in some sample flyers for you to have when talking with people about this program. 

Now let’s do some good. 


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