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Apparently it’s not at my screen…

I’m working on this application for a planning department at a ridiculously amazing creative advertising agency. I’ve been crazy busy running a non-profit project (which I’ll update you all on this week) and sneaking in time here and there to work on the application.

So just now I’m at my computer; convinced if I sit here long enough the answer will come to me. It wasn’t so I looked up some google images…yeaaah, not working either. Hmmm.

Maybe I can get inspired from some other amazing planners?

I happen to have this deck by Heidi Hackemer (planner/creative thinker extraordinaire) about the creative process for planners so I pull it up and skim through it since I’ve read through it before. I see wolfs…maaybe…nope. Next slide. Next slide…next slide…

feeds, back rooms and Mintel reports had become 90% of my cultural understanding

A couple of slides later

I have been living the linear, advertising life and was anxious because I wasn’t still on it but reading about dots made me question the linear

A dot life is different. It’s varied. It’s defined by the individual, not the institution. The life and mind seem to meander more, have more space.

Creativity values space, exploration.

So even though I’m still not any closer to completing the question for the application I’m working on, I was inspired to step away from my screen and work on something else; have some conversations with friends, pick the brain of my ridiculously intelligent little brother…

and see where it takes me. 

Check out Heidi’s deck for yourself.


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