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Totally getting ready for an interview right now (which is why I should NOT have been on Facebook) but I saw this Jordan Ad by W+K nY posted by AdFreak on Facebook and OMG! Thank you W+K for transporting me back to my days at LACES. One of the only girls on the bball court trying to cross over guys with the new moves I had just learned playing my older brother eight years my senior. I never could afford a pair of Jordans but I definitely rocked the high-top red and white Air Force 1’s and the low black on black Air Force 1’s on the court. 


Here’s what makes this spot great: your fave NBA players (who all, coincidentally happen to be quite attractive…”Hi Chris!!”) showing their love for the game. The mentality that “I’ll play anywhere against anyone! Just give me a basketball, a hoop, and some semblance of a court and it’s on!”

The sport really touches on how everyone, depicted by the guys and girls seen on the court playing with Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and D. Wade, is affected by the current lockout. And though I am not completely caught up with all of the ESPN lockout news I do know I miss watching games with my dad and older brother. We bond over the logistics of the game, the importance of leadership on a team and how it plays out on the court, etc. 

My favorite part of the spot has to be when Carmelo is playing in the Orthodox Jew Under 40 League and the observer’s face when Carmelo swats some guy’s shot…CLASSIC! Being an LA native and a West LA transport, there is something about Orthodox Jews that just says “home” to me (but that’s another story for another time).

I will say this, W+K NY definitely twisted my heart strings and made me long for the season that will probably not be while simultaneously transporting me back to my scrawny 5’2” 110lb 12 year-old self.

W+K…I doff my cap.  

Definitely check out David Gianatasio’s AdFreak article on the Jordan spot. His thoughts on the spot and it’s obvious tie-in with the current lockout are pretty funny.


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