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Welcome Back GRAMMYs

Yes, I know the GRAMMYs are soo last week but I took the time to watch through each and every performance which I haven’t done in I don’t know how long…

I watched the first hour and a half on Sunday, another half hour on Thursday and then the last hour today.

For the first time in years I enjoyed each and every performance (whether my kind of music or not). 

Now, to be completely honest… 

There were some irritating performances…

Top honor there goes to Taylor Swift who I’ve never been able to enjoy. 

And some odd performances...

As much as I looove Miguel his performance with Wiz had really funky time structure and  it seemed to be focused on showing off Miguels amazing falsetto vocal range than anything else. 

And why was Frank Ocean soo flat? Nervous or not, that kind of persistent flat tone is unacceptable on the GRAMMY stage. 

Some truly great performances…

Justin Timberlake. Need I say more? He left the GRAMMYs and then delivered an equally amazing performance at the Palladium with Timbo and Jay. And let’s not forget the amazing integrated marketing communication campaign put together to push his new album.

Timberlake —> media build up using the time tested art of delayed satisfaction —>microsite—>media delivery channels (VEVO, FB, Twitter, iTunes)—> product partnerships (Target, BudLight)

And how did that Bud Light Platinum creative Director thing come about anyway?

Well…something like Jay-Z co-owns multicultural focused ad agency Translation NY with Steve Stoute and BLP is already a client of Translation. Jay is then able to use his relationships in business (his ad agency and clients) and music (Justin Timberlake) to bring about unique opportunities. At least that’s how I imagine it went down.

But I digress.

Some established artists I’m embarrassed to say I have yet to listen to…

The Black Keys

Carrie Underwood

And some newbies I need to give good listen…

Ed Sheeran

Alabama Shakes

The overall production quality, professionalism, and truly stellar performances mae for one of the best GRAMMY Awards to date. 

Also ending with one of the sickest, hardest-working drummers in the biz - Travis Barker - never hurts. (Yes, I realize the artist was actually LL Cool J but I couldn’t understand any of the words so I zoned in on Barker’s amazing drumming).

As a 1st generation GRAMMY Camper, a frequenter of GRAMMYs in the Schools, and a product of amazing music teachers in a broken education system…

Thank You for producing a show that gives music and the artists that create it the respect that they are due.

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